My Story

Hi, I’m Telly. I'm a qualified Energy Healing Practitioner. I'm an empath and I always had a fairly strong intuitive abilities, so much so, people would come and ask for my opinion about their relationship, ideas, next business move, and so on. 

My mother was a shaman and my sister is a psychic and tarot reader. For myself, I chose to live a secular life until i was forced to live my life purpose.

Later in life, I went through a major set back affecting my health. After a 2 years battle, I decided to accept my calling as a healer. Since them, I dedicated my time into my personal and professional development, further my knowledge in various spiritual modalities, and help people through their struggles on a mental, physical and emotional and spiritual level.

I am a Trainer and Post- 16 Lecturer by profession and a mother of three.