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Change Your Trajectory, Start A New Path



A hour session

Best when in need of change 

Emergency Seating

First session of 90 mins

Available Remotely 

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Oracle Reading​


30 mins Session

Best for insight & guidance

Available remotely​

Recordin​g Accepted

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Body Scanning


30 mins Session

Best for Self-Healing 

Remotely & face to face

Checking body energy

Mini Report Provided

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Past Life Regression


90 mins session

Best for Unlocking the 

Subconscious Mind

Client led session

Recording Provided

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Cancellation & lateness​

Cancellation must be at least 24hrs before booked sessions.

Late cancellation and lateness more than 15 mins will be considered as a no show and will be at the client’s expense.


We follow a strict code of conduct which dictates how we keep, process and share clients’ information.

Covid guidance

You are welcome to bring with you your own face mask, hand sanitiser, tissues, water etc.

You are required to use hand sanitiser as you enter the room.

All equipments are washed and sanitised before and after every session.